Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Yesterday was the birthday of both my husband(JKA) and my lifelong(ok, we met when we were six) friend Diana.  I celebrated JKA's day by signing him out of work, taking him to yoga, getting him a massage and taking him out for lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant. Actually, it is our only Indian restaurant but the food is good. Someday I will post about my korma karma but today is about birthdays.  He finished the day poolside while I ran around attending to the activities of four children. I think he had a good day, I know I would have.  There seem to be an inordinate number of people in my life who were born on the 15th of September. I wonder what this means? Yesterday added another to that list. My friend Holly had her first baby--a girl named Adelaide--and we are ecstatic.  The picture on my profile was taken at her wedding in Maine just a year ago. What a difference a year makes.

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Kimi said...

Tell JKA happy birthday for me. I was cleaning up this weekend and found a great pic of Jon and James shooting fireworks in our back yard. bbidaz

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