Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Just eighty days left before the Outer Banks Marathon.  I Convinced JKA to come out of retirement and run this with me and he is threatening to hold my hand as we cross the finish line. This is highly unlikely as he refers to running with me as PAIN FREE. As in, I am sooo slow that running with me is a breeze. There is no way that I can listen to that for 13.1 miles. In other running news,  my real running partner( Shoshana) is running the full with her husband. She is training hard and getting much faster and I think she will finish in under five hours (which is my extremely humble pr). I told you I was slow.


srmost said...

If you are slow than I am a tumbleweed!

Megs said...

I have seen some pretty fast tumbleweed in west Texas.

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